Creative Corner

Our online sessions gathered together

Month to Month with Giggle N Grow

With some other special treats!

We will be updating our songs here over the next few months. Enjoy what there is and look forward to some new songs and makes soon!

Dinosaur Song

Featuring Carol Laula!

Theres a Shark!

In the Park!

Move Dance Go for you!

to move dance and go to!

Let's all go to the beach today!

Featuring Carol Laula!

Its a WOW!

Its a story for you!

Giggle N Grow

Its an Easter Show!

We're going on a picnic!

Featuring Carol Laula!

Make an Easter Chick

A cracking idea in 2 parts! 1

Make an Easter Chick

A cracking idea in 2 parts! 2

Spring is in the air!

Featuring Carol Laula!

Bears! Bears! Everywhere!

Can you bare it!

Its a bat!

For you to make!

Jump Jump Jump Its Autumn!

Chosen by Kit & Lyra

Its A Gruffalo!

What would you know!

And now its time..

To make your own Gruffalo!

We're Going on a Rocket!

Featuring Carol Laula!

Its Elmer!

The Patchwork Elephant!

Get Up To High Dough!

With DIY play dough!!

Christmas Fun

for everyone!

Hush wee darling!

Featuring Carol Laula!

Autumn is here!

with Carol!

Get your fingers dancing!

Featuring Carol Laula!