About our staff


I passionately believe that we serve the families with the best service available. (My favourite thing is a Frys Cream Chocolate)


Assistant Manager
I love singing and dancing with the children every week. (My favourite thing is chocolate)


Session Leader
I love seeing the faces on the children when they are engrossed in her stories. (My favourite thing is spending time with my grandchildren)


Session Leader
I love being part of a service that creates  a welcoming and supportive environment for the kids and their adults to relax and have fun.  (My favourite thing is cuddles and stories with my kids)


Session Leader
I love watching the children and adults build confidence and friendships each week.  (My favourite thing is a bubble gun)


Session Leader
I love reading stories, my favourite thing is walking with my granddaughter and my dog Crumble!


Session Leader
Working for Giggle N Grow doesn’t feel like a job as the sessions are so uplifting and positive.


Session Leader

Sessional Staff


Session Leader
I love seeing the children's face light up with the dinosaur song, that's my favourite part of the week!


Session Leader
I love being with the children and building bonds with them. The highlight of my week is watching them grow and become their own person through song and dance each week, becoming more and more confident over time. (My favourite thing is pasta)


Session Leader
"I love reading stories with the children and seeing their anticipation for the books. There is something for everyone at our sessions. (My favourite thing is fancy dress)"


Session Leader

Our staff come from a range of backgrounds and offer a wide range of experience gained over many years in working with children and families. They are enthusiastic and enjoy working with all those that attend our sessions.

All our staff are qualified to deliver the range of activities we have on offer such as Bookbug and Move Dance Go.